Looking for a dentist in Renfrew? Parkview Dental Surgery is located close to Braehead Shopping Centre and Glasgow Airport. Parkview Dental Surgery is a friendly, family orientated dental practice with emphasis on good dental health. We do not look for problems, instead we aim to prevent our clients from suffering from toothache, gum disease and repeated filling and extractions.


Prevention is the best medicine.  We therefore tailor treatment on an individual’s needs. With regular X-rays, oral hygiene and dietary  advice we can minimise the need for fillings and extractions. Our hygienists will gladly see you for a thorough scale and polish leaving your mouth plaque and tartar free, with no bad odours. Due to recent legislation there is no need to see the dentist to allow this. So you can visit as often as you feel you need to. All of our dentists work closely with parents for the best advice on diet and brushing see our page on Childsmile.


Cosmetic Dentistry is very important to most of us these days. Our highly experienced Principal Dentist, Philip Larmour can provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments from white fillings, teeth whitening to veneers, crown or bridges in our smile makeover packages. For those individuals who have lost teeth maybe its time to consider replacing with cosmetic dentures, bridges or Dental Implants. White fillings are becoming increasingly popular. Although they are more expensive, they look good, last as long as silver fillings and give you the confidence to smile and look good in all of those treasured photographs.

 We also offer Botox and Filler treatments that can reduce lines and wrinkle and even reduce sweating.