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Professional Teeth Whitening  is the most effective way to lighten your smile whilst leaving the teeth untouched. The effects are dramatic and can last for years.

Now with Home Bleaching Trays you can ‘top up’ that lighter smile again and again for all of those big occasions.

The current promotion will end on 31st March.

The dentists at Parkview Dental Surgery in Renfrew have welcomed the new online booking system for new patients.
“We strive to make it easier for patients to book appointments” says practice owner Philip Larmour. We have also increased our opening times with a late night on Tuesdays for clients who find it difficult to access dental treatment during normal working hours.
Online booking is also available for existing patients. Just click on the book appointment icon on your recall text or email for a pain free, no hassle online booking.

Botox help for migraine sufferers

Botox®  was licensed specifically for the treatment of chronic migraine in July 2010 by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Botox® has not been shown to be effective for any other headache type (e.g. episodic migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache) as yet.

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