Cancellation, Late Arrival and Missed Appointment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to make patients aware of possible charges that may be imposed for broken appointments. This policy covers Failed attendances, short notice appointment cancellations*, and/or late arrival**. A broken appointment is considered failure to attend an appointment or a short notice cancellations/late arrivals.

We at Parkview recognise that problems crop up unexpectedly, loved ones become sick, the car will not start or the traffic was particularly heavy due to an accident. However, some people are persistently late, cancel at short notice or just do not turn up for their appointments, despite regular reminders via text and emails. We feel this is disrespectful to the staff and disrupts service access for other patients who could have been seen that day.

Please be aware it is not our wish to charge patients for broken appointments.

Due to the high demand for appointments at Parkview Dental Surgery, the following Cancellation Policy applies:

As effective immediately we request a charge for repeated short notice cancelations, late attendance or missed appointments as set out below:


  • If the first appointment is not kept, a second appointment may be offered depending on availability of appointments
  • A second fail to attend for a new patient exam results in no further appointments being offered.



  • First FTA – No action will be taken. You may receive a warning email or text however if you do not receive an email or text regardless the failed appointment will be noted on your record.
  • Second FTA– a fine equalling £1 for each minute of the planned appointment (20 minute appointment = £20 fine). Please note the fine for missing a hygienist appointment is £30.
  • Third FTA – A second fine will be required or the Dentist may consider removing the individual from their list.


  • First short notice cancellation or late arrival – we will take no action.
  • Second short notice cancellation or late arrival – You may receive a courtesy email or text warning you that a fine will be implemented for a third short notice cancellation.
  • Third short notice cancellation or late arrival – a fine equalling £1 for each minute of the planned appointment (20 minute appointment = £20 fine) will be required. Please note the fine for missing a hygienist appointment is £30
  • Fourth and subsequent short notice cancellations or late arrivals – Dentist’s discretion to remove the individual from their list.


  • 2 short notice cancellations and an failed appointment will also result in a fine

Patients arriving more than 10 minutes late for a Dentist or Hygienist appointment may be requested to reschedule their appointment as it would be difficult to fit their appointment in without the Dentist running late for other patients.

If a patient has difficulty in attending pre-booked appointments, we suggest that patients contact Parkview Dental Surgery at their earliest convenience. We will try to offer you the nearest available appointment for that day assuming availability exists or another day. Cancelling at short notice makes it very difficult to offer your appointment to another patient.

Failing To Attend (FTA) an appointment wastes the dentist’s time and costs money to the practice. In addition, it prevents other patients from utilising that time. We make every effort to remind patients of their appointment at considerable cost to the practice. If a patient has a history of FTAs the practice will remove their registration.

All attendance, cancellations and FTAs are automatically recorded on the system.

Please be aware the team at Parkview Dental surgery do not make appointments without your knowledge. In the past patients have claimed they never made the appointment. It is the patient’s responsibility to inform the practice of any change to their email address and/or text message. This enables us to send reminder texts and emails.

Please note from January 2018 appointment reminders will be email only. Please also be aware that we send out reminders as a courtesy, it is the patients responsibility to remember their appointments as sometimes our systems may be down

It is the dentist’s prerogative to remove from their list anyone who has wasted surgery time by attending late, cancelling at short notice or failing to attend, or a combination of these 3 times within a 1 year period.

Parkview Dental Surgery reserve the right to request clients who repeatedly cancel appointments at short notice, fail to attend, arrive late or are rude/abusive to find another service provider.

Clients are under no obligation to pay a deposit or a fine. However, no further appointments will be given until the fine is paid.

Due to the uncertainty of offering personalised healthcare treatment, occasionally our appointments can over-run. The team at Parkview Dental Surgery recognise the value of your time and work hard to ensure your appointment is punctual. However in circumstances beyond our control, Parkview Dental Surgery may be required to cancel or reschedule appointments.


*For the purpose of this policy a short notice cancellation is considered to be less than 24 hours from your appointment. .

**Late arrival is ten minutes or half of the appointment slot (whatever is shorter e.g. 5 minutes late for a 10 minute exam appointment is a late arrival).

Last reviewed January 2018.