Fee Guide
Dental Treatments
Examination £35Partial Denture£450
Hygienist £30Partial Chrome Denture£650
Home Bleaching Kit£195Mouthguard / Anti-grinding Device£70
White Fillings £60 - £100Implant Assessment£150
White Crowns £500Implant Placement£1,200
Metal-free Crowns £550Implant abutment£350
Veneers£300Anti-wrinkle / Anti-ageing Treatments
Bridges from £600Botox ** 1 Area (upper forehead)£195
Root Canal Treatment: Botox ** 2 Areas (upper forehead and frown)£250
Incisor / Canine from £165Botox ** 3 Areas (upper forehead, crows feet and frown)£300
From Premolar / Molar from £175Botox for Underarm Sweating£500
Wisdom Teeth Removal from £150
Single Complete Denture £450
Upper and Lower Complete Denture £700

These fees are a guide to the cost of treatment. A more accurate printed estimate will be given after discussion with your dentist.