Parkview Renfrew – Cosmetic Dentistry

At Parkview, we recognise that your smile is your charm and as such we offer a full range of cosmetic dental procedures to enhance this.  These include white fillingsbleachingveneers and crown & bridge work.

White fillings are made from durable plastics called composite resins that match the colour of your teeth. Many patients attend our dental practice in Renfrew to have their old silver fillings replaced with a more natural looking tooth coloured white fillings.

To give you a whiter smile we suggest teeth whitening. Our preferred method is home bleaching were your dentist will make special moulds of your teeth into which our home bleaching gel can be applied safely. This method allows you to bleach your teeth at a time to suit you. It also allows you to ‘freshen up’ your teeth for that christmas party, wedding or special event when you want.  It is important to realise that white fillings, veneers and crowns will not change colour during this process.  That is why we believe that a consultation with a dental professional is of the paramount importance to help you to fully appreciate the implications of certain treatments .

Veneers have gained fame from programmes such as “10 Years Younger”.  They are a porcelain facing on to the teeth to improve appearance and can also correct some minor teeth alignment issues.   As with our other treatments we offer the best quality porcelains in our veneer work.

We offer a variety of white crowns at the surgery, including metal free crowns. Metal free bridge-work is also available at the practice.