Professional teeth whitening using home bleaching gel is the most effective way to lighten your smile with minimal effort and no preparation to the teeth. The effects are dramatic and can last for years. Now with Home Bleaching Trays you can ‘top up’ that lighter smile again and again for all of those big occasions.

The process is simple. One of our dentists will check your mouth and your medical status, to make sure that bleaching is suitable for you. Once this has been done impressions are taken of your teeth and customised trays are made within 1 week. Then you collect your trays and bleaching syringes and bleach your teeth at your own pace, at home. The trays can be used over and over again. Refill syringes can be purchased at reception.

Bleaching will not alter the shade of any teeth with crowns or veneers. In addition, fillings on the front teeth will not whiten. Don’t despair it doesn’t mean you cannot bleach your teeth. Crowns, veneers and fillings can be replaced to a whiter shade and one that suits the new shade of your newly whitened teeth. Thats why we book you with a qualified dentist.

To take up this offer now book online if you are a new client. Existing clients can contact reception on 0141 886 2116 or email us [bw_mailto]

Bleaching done by anyone other than a trained dental professional is illegal and can result in serious harm.